Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The F Word

Every New Year's Eve I make a feeble attempt to resolve to do a bunch of things that I must not truly take ownership for. I say this based on the fact that as 2008 has sprung into being, I am no thinner, no less in debt, I am not communicating any better with friends and loved ones, I complain no less than before, I procrastinate no less than before, I stand up for myself no more than before, I forgive myself no more than before.... Anyone else? Anyone? (insert canned laugh track here) I think you might know what I mean. This year I plan to take a different approach. When I embarked upon a keeping blog this year, I also began reading blogs. They have definitely given me pause to think and consider how I act upon my wants and needs. I was so excited to participate in the Artful Blogging Tea Party and Bloglandia Ball which you read about in previous posts. They gave me an opportunity which I took to act in new ways and felt good about my contribution. I was overwhelmed by the writing and images of many of the bloggers - the inspiration is incredible. There is so much talent out there ~ so much bravery! But more and more I found that I was looking at myself differently, and seeing that some major changes were in order. I was intrigued by the idea of actively living a “Life of Intention.” I don’t think I’m there yet, but I want to be. As soon as I am actively working that plan, I want to toss in the concept of the “Complaint Free Challenge.” I've gotten so many wonderful ideas on how I might change my outlook. I want to move toward a new way of approaching life and I think I have a plan. As suggested by Christine Kane, I have selected a word to guide me through the year. Just one. It should be a word I can apply to my daily living and help me make choices to get me where I want to be. My word is: FIRE Fire brings to mind many images for me: fire in the belly (I want to do things that inspire me), fire walker (I want to do things that are outside my comfort zone), she’s on fire (I want to feel alive), light a fire under her (as in finally do stuff), worthy of Prometheus' gift of fire (am I seeking knowledge and spiritual advancement?), fire away (I want to be active and spontaneous), clean burning fire (is what I am eating providing me nutrients and fuel or is it just polluting?), fire in the hole (look out - this change may effect those around me and I really ought to warn them), fire extinguisher (I want to control my anger), fuel the fire (I want to be a model for those I love), controlled burn (okay I take liberties with the rule: that one doesn't actually include the word fire, but I need to clean out some of the underbrush cluttering my life and it's a good metaphor!), cleansed by fire (I want to learn to actively forgive myself), light my fire (a bit of sparkin’ would be swell!), home fire burning (I want to create a home within the place I live). Theory is, if I apply my word to my actions the way should be clear. We are all shaped by fire in the crucible of life. Time to turn up the heat. Welcome 2008! Have a wonderful New Year and May you find your word as well!