Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night with the Boys

Spent last Saturday night with my family and friends in downtown Cleveland. We started off at the Rockbottom Brewery where The Boy and I both tried the beer sampler. Pretty interesting trying each one and seeing how the flavors change.

From lightest to darkest we have Cleveland American Light, Walleye Wheat, Powerhouse Pale Ale, Riverbend Red, Dawg Pound Brown, and Terminal Stout. To my surprise, I enjoyed the stout quite a bit.

Now if I could just get someone to provide me with a sampler of fine whiskeys... a bourbon, scotch, single malt, double malt, Kentucky, Irish - I am serious - what does it all mean?

Then it was off to see the show on the Nautica Stage. A very excellent place to see a concert. An outdoor venue with the river backing the stage and the city just beyond.

The opening bands were actually very easy to listen to. Often the bands are of the "growler" type with too much bass, poser guitars, and singers who don't sing. This time we were treated to Icarus Witch and Coheed & Cambria. The latter broke out into a bit of Iron Maden's the Trooper which was well recieved, and they also did a tune with a theremin. I spent most of the evening trying to remember the name of that instrument I kept thinking "therm, therm, what!?!?" Remembered it driving down the expressway the next day. Just popped into my head.

And then came: Heaven and Hell

Here we have Tony Iommi, otherwise known as The Master... ruler of the guitar.

and the whole gang: Geezer Butler on bass, Ronnie James Dio vocals, and Vinne Appice on drums.

Dio singing the penultimate "Heaven and Hell" watch out for those flames!

It was a good night. The Indians won and so did the Browns. Some might even consider it a miracle.

I love this city at night... someday I'm going to take a thousand pictures of the lights and the energy.

I love my boy too.

Life is just a carousel, spinning fast you've got to ride it well, it's heaven and hell...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend in the Country

A scrapbooking weekend in Holmes County, Berlin, Ohio at Zinck's Inn: We awake to a beautiful, hazy sunrise.

Many sites to see around the Inn and at the nearby shops.

color moved by the wind...

nature, prickly and perfect...

reflections to catch your gaze...

a view of the neighboring farm...

corn - up close and personal...

restful respite...

handmade baskets...

fences can be lovely...

and oh yes... we found the scrapbooking store!

All my crafty friends: Rachel, Christina, Deb, Patti, Terri, and me. These girls are the best - always willing to share their toys, embellishments, and stories...

We really did get a lot accomplished, especially the hard work of having a blast and enriching friendships(What ketchup bottle? I have no idea what you're talking about!!)

Can't wait until we do it again!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flowers from a Boy!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, The Husband is getting quite the reputation as a "flower sender."

These arrived just in time for my birthday!

(if you look closely at the background, you can also see my famed Superball collection which contains many other prized gifts from the husband. Had to move it recently to a more spacious container to accommodate new additions...)

Also scheduled for this evening's festivities are dinner and a movie - at my request.

Finally going to see Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.

Yea me!