Saturday, October 20, 2007


Helicopters are all over Cleveland skies this week as the American League Championship Series between the Indians and the Boston Red Sox plays here. Glad they're up there doing something pleasant for a change. The sound pulls my eyes skyward. At least I don't have to petition the heavens on behalf of some poor soul being life flighted to a trauma center. Wonder what it's like to live in some areas of Los Angeles where I understand police helicopters are overhead constantly searching for folks and the news helicopters are there in case they find them. Constant whump-whump-whump of the blades must be irritating. Or maybe you only notice when they stop? I understand we have more helicopters in Iraq now than in any other "conflict" we've fought in. I understand that Al 'Qaeda in Iraq has a plan to target them all special like. Couldn't find the link to the recent NPR segment that spoke on that... Say a prayer for all the folks over there - but give a shout out to those in helicopters. What's up with "Helicopter Moms" in the news? Have you heard of these parents? I understand volunteering at your baby's preschool, baking cupcakes for the fourth grade winter festival party, and not missing the homecoming game... But I don't get the mom who plans to send out resumes and make phone calls to potential employers for her daughter once she graduates from College? Yeah right - "Let's do lunch - my mom will call you mom." That's a play date folks - not a career. Did you know that I have one of those totally cool hats with the propeller on top? Nerds rock.... I want to wear it again some day soon. Don't you love playing with the helicopter wings that come down from the maple trees? How many hours did you spend as a kid watching them fall and then throwing them in the air to watch them fall again? I should do that soon. Kind of like smelling the crayons. Have you done that lately? Takes you right back to getting new crayons for grade school in the fall. Fall is great - did I mention the Indian's are playing in the American League Championships Series? GO TRIBE!


Epicanis said...

Did you know that I have one of those totally cool hats with the propeller on top? Nerds rock
Yes...yes we do! :-)
My main regret is that my propellor-hat is not actually motorized and lacks blinking LEDs. For now.
P.S. Thanks for comment and the vote (in that order of importance) from!

The Fairy Godmother said...

Helicopters can be very noisy and intrusive, there was a police one chasing someone here the other night. It was frightful, fortunately this is a rare occurrence but what with the noise and the spotlight...