Saturday, January 23, 2010


I began practicing yoga this month.

According to my teacher, the day you begin your yoga practice you are reborn. What gives - I thought newborns were flexible?!

Surprisingly, I am able to do more than I thought. Despite my innate ability to walk into walls and an overwhelming desire to test gravity, my balance is fairly good when I can keep my focus. The Boy has been telling me I should try meditation, or maybe tai chi or yoga. This opportunity presented itself and I took it.

It's all about keeping promises this year - remember?

I first attended a beginners workshop two weeks ago. This was squarely in the middle of my fourteen day fast. I was concerned about doing a workout when I wasn't eating, but it was actually the most wonderful experience I could have had. All of me could concentrate on the poses and the strength just flowed through me. The studio I attended is Cleveland Yoga and Tami Schneider, the owner, does an excellent job of talking through the poses. I returned today for a level II class and learned even more.

I was able to take advantage of some free sessions in between the workshops which were wonderful as well. I'm glad I took advantage of several different class leaders as I see that their different styles have a different effect on my practice. For example when I am very stressed and really need to relax, as I am practicing my ujjayi pranayama (ocean sounding breath) and trying to achieve a softly focused drishti (gaze) a leader reminding me literally every 8 minutes during the class to let go of internal busyness and instructing me to be calm is not beneficial. It is as useless as a massage therapist laughing at me and saying relax! Seriously, if it was that simple, I would not need to be in either place! Each time the words were spoken, my stress level rose and eventually I was in tears... ah well - as I practice I will be able to tune out such foolishness (I hope).

Other instructors were wonderful, infusing the practice with the right amount of guidance and positive energy - these I will return to.

I think I can see a difference already, if only in that I am more aware of my posture, and check frequently throughout the day to see if I am in alignment. Am I in tadasana?

The fancy sounding words are a swell benefit too!

I am looking forward to more sessions with greater balance and peacefulness through my practice.


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