Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So on the way to St Louis, The Husband tells me we are stopping in Terra Haute to break up the trip. I'm thinking, "Why does that sound familiar?"

Well... considering my niece Megan has been going to school near there for three years perhaps it should!

Lucky me! I gave her a call when we rolled into town and she came to pick me up and gave me a tour of the St. Mary of the Woods campus - plus I got to take a ride in her shiny new car!

She told me the legend of the bridge - which I cannot remember too clearly. Something about if the bells from the tower ring while you are crossing headed one direction your true calling is to become a nun of the order there - if it catches you crossing the other way you are soon to meet your true love.

Lucky for me the bells didn't ring - so no career change is in store!

It was great to see her and her school even if it was too dark to capture too many images.


Latharia said...

What a cool story ... and also very neat for you to get in that visit & a shot of the bridge -- NEAT!

Martha said...

Just stopping by with a link to the blocks on my blog
Have a great week :)