Sunday, August 24, 2008

The View From Row K

So before I wandered off in my Twilight Saga induced stupor (I've finished reading them by the way - highly recommended!) The weekend of the sixteenth we went for a typical American Family Outing: The Heavy Metal Concert! The husband, the boy, and I went with friends to Pennsylvania to see The Metal Masters.


Heaven & Hell,

I'm sure Tony is looking for me in this one...

Did you know Ronnie James Dio once kissed me on the top of the head? I was sitting down at the time...

...and Judas Priest. (I'm pretty sure that Glenn Tipton and I are cousins on my mom's side - but he looked at me kinda stalker-feared when I mentioned it... wonder why? Who wouldn't want me for a cousin?)

The new cell phone takes much better snaps than the old one - but there is still much room for improvement!

Isn't that living the American Dream - Head banging with your loved ones? At least it is at our house! A swell time was had by all.

And it was even a full moon!

Stay tuned for Alice Cooper next...

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