Monday, August 25, 2008

Soul Journaling

I've mentioned before that I wanted to make more of an effort to create an art journal for sharing thoughts and images. While wandering the other day I visited one of my usual haunts, 3rdEyeMuse. Found this blog during the One World One Heart Event earlier this year. Lo and behold - she's been working on a Soul Journal as led by Sara Whitmire. So I just tripped over to Caspiana to see what it was all about. Rather than viewing this as a day late and a dollar short, I do believe that I am right on time. No reason I can't just start at day one and work forward! Once I complete the 25 days or so she will get us started out with, I plan to continue on and journal on a regular basis.

Picked up the supplies we needed that I didn't already have on hand (HA! Art supplies I didn't have - what a hoot!) I think that the most challenging thing about this process will be the use of book pages as a base for the art process. I have always held a special fondness for books (so can't imagine getting a kindle...) I love the smell of the paper and the ink, the feel of the pages, the weight of them. Not to mention that books have so often been destroyed for the wrong reasons and so many with a desire to read don't have access to books. I appreciate that I have seeming unlimited access to them. I found a book store in the neighborhood I where I work which is sadly closing down. They are practically giving away used books... found a lovely Latin~English dictionary missing the cover and first section which will do nicely, as well as a few other books who I want to offer a new life... we'll see how it goes!

and now I'm ready to fill the blank pages of my new fire engine red journal...

This ties in nicely with d'Blogala's Art Journal Fridays recently discovered, where-in Dawn provides the thought she's pondering that week to muse over. I may join in on some of the fun over at Michelle Ward's place too. Always something perking there. Eventually I'm sure I'll come up with ideas and directions on my own - but it's fun to play with friends! Watch in the near future for my Art Journal Debut!

Do you know of other blogs that provide journal prompts and such for exploration?

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