Thursday, December 31, 2009

Big Fun

The holidays were festive and busy! We started off Christmas Eve with some last minute shopping.

A brief stop for coffee (yes - decaf)

and then on to a few stores in the Coventry District

Big Fun is the best... isn't this mirror slimming? I could shop here all day!

Picked up a delightful dashboard hula dancer for The Boy now that he has his driver's license (shhh.... I wasn't allowed to post that!) and an awesome joke ketchup bottle for the husband so he won't get into trouble squirting condiments onto my plate before I'm actually finished with my meal!

Also helped out Santa by picking up some vintage candies there. This is The Boy's best impersonation of Hunter S. Thompson... he wanted a real one for Vegas but I "forgot" to buy him one. Candy is nicer. (Wanted to get myself some candy cigarettes too but decided against it.)

Then on to Mac's Backs Books...

This place is very cool. I really need to come back when we have more than an hour to spare! I love books. Kindles are the anti-Christ. Seriously. The decline of civilization will follow.

Spent the Eve with the Macko's - the usual fun was had by all.

We opened our gifts Christmas morning and I made the breakfast for my hungry menfolk. Puff pastry with cream cheese and sausage, cheesy potato casserole, cinnamon rolls, orange juice... Midwestern enough for ya!? You bet, eh!

Gotta love the relative gift-wrap styles at our place. Mine were color coordinated in solids with complementary ribbon designed around the glitter tags. This from the anal retentive chemist.

The Boy on the other hand took a more green approach carefully selecting newspaper with appropriate theme... dinosaurs and essential Cleveland for The Husband, and Toys 'R Us and a subtle Avatar hint for me. (Soon! I promise! We'll go!) Hand made bows and such! I guess that's what we get for our art school dollar!

The Boy and I checked out Sherlock Holmes Christmas Day. It was a nice little flick. However! There are no girls in Sherlock Holmes folks. No girls. Nope. Nada. None. Enough said.

Saturday I cruised to Toledo to spend the evening with my Chi Omega pledge sisters - I am so glad to be seeing them regularly. We closed the place down then I drove back to Cleveland!

The Carpenter Christmas Extravaganza was held in Columbus at Sister Deb's house. Checked out Morgan's soccer game to start the day then a delicious lunch.

We skyped in Megan from California and spent the afternoon trading our favorite iPhone apps... Cyber Christmas!

Three cities - three days - three times the fun!

Hope yours was swell too!

Next stop - BALL DROP!


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