Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Scream for Scrapfest!

Wow what an adventure! Grab a glass of something and read on! Before I even begin - I want to say that one of the best things about this trip was meeting folks from all over. It is truly a small world and the crafting community includes some of the nicest, most helpful, generous, splendid women (and men) you will ever meet! A shout out to all the folks we met in line, on the shuttles, and at the hotel... especially Kristina and Tami! This is the second time I've been able to attend this remarkable event sponsored by Archiver's. Bright and early last Friday, I flew to Milwaukee from Cleveland to meet up with my pal Edwina and we continued on to Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Mall of America (MOA). If you've never been to MOA, it is the most ginormous mall you've ever seen: four levels, amusement park complete with giant ferris wheel and roller coaster, lego land, full size indoor aquarium, possibly secret chasms beneath where alien space ships are hidden like at Area 51.... getting the picture? Totally boffo!
<- Me & Edwina at the Archiver's make 'n take table There were 30 different scrapbooking and crafting vendors who were available for product information and make and takes. Word of this event seems to be spreading far and wide as more and more folks show up every year to participate. Lines were long, but over all very worth the wait. Even though we were there from Friday through Sunday, we did not make it to all the booths. Here are some highlights, some of my favorite projects, and possibly some suggestions for things you can't live without - so stop reading now if you don't want to have to get in your car and drive immediately to your favorite craft supply store! Creative Imaginations This booth was amazing. Creative Imaginations, in case you don't know, is a collection which contains many lines and artists. The display was great and showcased ideas from the 'bare elements' line as well as lots of paper and embellishments. They offered a different project each day and we completed the stations both Saturday and Sunday. Didn't quit finish my photo cube since I didn't have any pictures with me. They let me take a few items away to finish up with - they're swell! The girls here were very well organized, very helpful, and very positive - even though they had more challenging projects and the longest lines!
Kolo They offer some wonderful scrapbooking album products . This year they gave away a 4x6 album which they showed us how to embellish. This was a very popular stop as well! The books are very well designed, and include side loading page protectors. I'm not sure I've seen that on a 4x6 album. Totally cool.
Plano Have you seen this craft storage line they call 'creative options'? Oh my word, it is so nifty spiffo! Fresh colors, fun shapes, just delicious! I'm gonna have to get the 'make-up case,' embellishment tote, and ribbon holder at a minimum.... (by the way I couldn't find a website... but they were selling the goods at Archiver's!) And they gave away free tote bags!
SEI Same project as last year, but they showcased their iron-on embellishments. Love these!
K&Company They presented their Hallowe'en line by making a treat gift bag that could not have been cuter. Even without the treats inside I could eat it up! Reminisce More totally too cute Hallowe'en stuff - a Hallowe'en bag for collecting goodies! Their 10.31 paper is really fun and just a little wicked ...and the spider isn't scary because it only has six legs. That's what I'm telling myself anyway!
KI Memories & Love Elsie I just love the 'love Elsie' line that Elsie Flannigan has created for KI Memories - and may I just say that Elsie looks to be really a swell girl? If I needed a little sister instead of my two older ones - she could apply for the job! Even if she did steal my pen. She gave it back. It was an accident! We used some of the paper and embellishments to make a little playing card book. Neatest thing though is the adhesive fabric paper. Very easy to work with as evidenced by using it as a binding for the book. Also, according to Elsie, it makes a nice Band-Aid!
Die Cuts With a View These guys presented a very cute little die cut box made from their 'luxury stack' paper. A simple project, but their paper is so fabulous, I had to give them a shout out! Just buzzed over to the website and it says they have a new glitter stack out this year just in time for Hallowe'en? Didn't see it at Scrapfest - but I'm gonna need it!
Daisy D's The project didn't do their paper justice (just a simple card but cute) ....and Dudettes! Put your NAME on your booth! I know and absolutely love your paper, but other folks may not remember when they get home and look at the pictures! They also had small 4x4 idea squares for scrapbook page layouts. Very cute and helpful.
Me and My Big Ideas Cool new projects every day and they didn't skimp on the give-a-ways either! A whole pack of alphabet stickers! Sparkling rhinestone bling! What more could a girl ask for! Most especially the folks running the booth were fun people! (And we aren't gonna talk about the fact that I went to Archiver's and bought almost the entire 'sanctuary line.' Most marvelous!)
American Crafts They provided supplies to make a little birthday flip book. Paper, chipboard, and rub-ons. Very nice products to work with. Didn't quite finish mine because I wanted to actually keep it and add my own pictures! I give their rub-on's a high five.
Sandy Lion Known for thier stickers, their project was no exception. One again a very generous booth. They provided two whole stickers sheets to embellish a small metal box they designed as a photobox. The project was a back to school theme. Since Ian is like, um, old now? I decided to use the stickers in a different way later and retain the box for a special project you will hopefully see here soon! This booth got rave reviews from many folks we talked to. A++ to Sandy Lion!
So many more things to talk about! Many more vendors were represented and had very cool make-and-takes. Many tools like the Sizzix embossing and die-cutting lines, the Scraparatus by Karen Foster, the bind-it-all, the scor-it, too many to go into here.
Well worth getting up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the airport! I'll have another post soon about the classes we took!


Patti said...

Great job of filling us in on some of the finer points of Scrapfest 2007. Sign me up to go next year...I don't want to miss the fun!

Gretchen said...

Oh my Goodness Connie, what a wonderful spread of fun!! It's nice to see Edwina again as well. All I can say is sign me up as well. I am so impressed with everything you picked out to share. Love it, love it. For that matter, I think I say that for all your posts LOL

Anonymous said...

Connie these pictures and your commentary are AWESOME! So wishing I was able to have been there...thanks for sharing the pictures and insights.

Melanie Swanson

Gossamer said...

When did you have the time to post all of this? What you picked out to post is great. I think these were the highlights of the projects that we made. Thanks for posting the picture of us. I think it tunred out very well. Patti and Gretchen, we would love to have you come up to the MOA with us for the fun next year.

Kelly Albright (aka BrightIdeas) said...

Looks like you had a blast. Glad to see you're posting again!

tami w. said...

What a fabulous Scrapfest report. You are a sweetie pie for sure. I'm going to refer a few of my friends to your blog to read about what they missed. I had a blast on Sunday. Keep in touch with Kristina and I. It was so fun meeting you and Edwina.
I send you BIG stamping hugs from the land of 10,000 lakes!! I didn't get to met Amy Butler and have her sign my bag and I didn't get to meet Elsie. I love her. Did you go to Cosmo Cricket? That company rocks. I too loved Creative Imaginations. Their products are at Michael's.

aline said...

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