Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Vote for Mr. October

How about Chief Wahoo? and how about the Tribe!
2007 American League Central Champions!
Now don't get me wrong.... I know virtually nothing about baseball. Although I have learned about the 'ground rule double,' and the 'infield fly rule,' and most recently what constitutes a 'save' for a pitcher. These and other important facts are really quite beside the point. The bottom line to winning the game is that our guys have to stop the other guys from scoring or even getting on base really, and the our guys need to score some.... Got that? (picked up that little tip from listening to the announcers!) When we do something that looks cool - clap. (Although I've been know to clap also when the other boys do something cool too - irritates the other fans, but I mean come on, if it really was cool....?)
My husband enjoys the game and I enjoy watching him watch the game. It really was a blast going to the game early in the year: eating hot dogs, having a beer, soaking up the atmosphere, fireworks after the game.... I honestly can not tell you for absolutely certain if we won or lost that night. I'm pretty sure we won though.... that's how I plan to remember it. It's a good bet we did since we had the best record in baseball as of the other day!
It's been a wild ride this year since our snowy season opener - but it's not over yet!
When we win: be happy. If we don't win: be happy that we live in a place where playing is even an option.
So... GO CLEVELAND INDIANS! Make us proud!
...picture above clearly is the property of The Cleveland Plain Dealer... it is the front page of today's paper...! I'm not stealing, I'm sharing! For lots of other neat Tribe stuff you can visit their website, or the team's website.


Patti said...

How 'bout those Cleveland Indians! Even if you are not an Indians fan, (I've been a fan since I was 13, and that was many, many years ago!) you've got to be caught up in the exictement that they've brought to the city!


carole said...

Hi Connie: I live in California but my middle daughter, husband and 3 children live in Cleveland and to hear them talk there is no other team : ) I think it is great to live where we can have sports for all to enjoy!!!
Yeah team!!!