Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'd like to buy a vowel please, Vanna

"C _ l _ b r _ t _ Y _ _r L _ f _"
Since time immemorial, somewhere on the planet there have been those who fought to gain what was not theirs, those who would protect others from harm, and those caught in the crossfire of their passion.
Today is a day for reminding ourselves what a gift we have and what a gift others have given. Here are a few vowels to help you fill in the puzzle...
show your Appreciation for your many gifts
Educate yourself - take a class, read a book, watch the history channel - we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past if we do not study them
Inspire someone with your talent - what ever it is
Observe the world around you ... there is so much beauty, as well as pain - take it all in
seek Understanding... there are two sides to every story, find out what the other guy's is

June, 2ooo view from the World Trade Center Plaza New York, New York: the little church in the shadow of the towers.

Now most importantly, go show someone you love them.

Patriot Day 2007


tami w. said...

Tami from MN (Scrapfest). I was in line behind you at the CI booth on Sunday am. I loved you and your friend Edwina. I hope you both had safe travels home and that you enjoyed yourselves at Scrapfest!! It was so fun but exhausting!!!

You are a little sweetie pie and I love the photo on you on your blog. I'm friends with Kristina Lewis.

Patti said...

Awesome thought and the photo gave me chills. Thanks for a thoughtful remembrance of such an historically significant day in our lives.

Gretchen said...

sorrowful, touching, empowering. TFS