Sunday, December 23, 2007


This could be the view from Santa's back porch.... hope he and the elves are not too distracted to finish making the toys and pack the sleigh! 1. DSC04876.jpg, 2. Red Aurora, 3. Nothern Lights 7, 4. Northern Lights Easter 2006 II, 5. ├×ingvellir, 6. Rare red auroras., 7. aurora borealis, 8. Aurora in Fog, 9. Aurora Borealis_12, 10. Fireworks from God, 11. Aurora Borealis, 12. Aurora Borealis, 13. Stars and Aurora Borealis, 14. while waiting for winter, 15. glow, 16. It´s Written In The Stars Thank you to all the wonderful folks who captured these shots and thank you to for helping me share them with you. What a blessing to have been in the presence of such wonder! Please do enjoy the the photos ~ but shouldn't you be shopping or wrapping gifts or baking cookies or doing something constructive? Ah yes, I must tease! Remember to savor every moment of the Holidays. After all, even the "interesting" bits could give you something to blog about!

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