Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice Greetings!

Lake Opeechee, Ontario, Canada ~ 2002
It has been a challenging time recently in my corner of the world and I am more than ready to celebrate the return of the Sun. It’s been a bit dark both literally and figuratively as of late. For centuries many peoples have anticipated the coming of the Solstice. It marks the end of Winter’s darkness, the rebirth of the Sun, and hope for the reawakening of the Earth which provides us our nourishment. Now while I’m not foolish enough to think that Winter is over in North East Ohio (trust me – wait for the rant on Ground Hog Day against the evil plot and empty promises brought by that untrustworthy rodent, and I’m hoping that Easter will not be white again this year!), I am ready to move into the light. So hang a wreath to symbolize the great cycle of the seasons and burn a Yule log to welcome back the Sun. Step out side, turn your face to the sky, and be thankful for the beauty and wonder that is our Mother Earth. If you can’t see the Sun through the snow clouds, just guess where it may be and remember that the clouds keep the heat in! Blessed Be!

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