Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dig It!

Time to dig out from the Blizzard of 2008 here in good old North East Ohio. The snows have stopped coming down, the sun us shining, and it's time for end of winter fun (Spring is coming soon right?!)

Here are a few shots of the aftermath. I'd say we got about 16 inches? More or less in spots with the drifting. And remember while you're looking... we already cleared the walks once yesterday!

I expect that some of you out there are used to more - but I bet some think this is a pretty fearsome amount!

If you are in snow country too - remember to be careful and take breaks while you shovel, it can be a dangerous exercise. Several families in the Cleveland Area lost family members this year. It's a serious matter.

Pour your self some cocoa and enjoy!

Be safe and warm out there!


Anita Kurtz said...

Feeling the shared pain of your aching back babe! I'm putting in a formal request for Spring to officially begin :-)

Latharia said...

Oh, what lovely snow! :D We're pretty much done with the white stuff, here, in northern IL!

Thanks for your wise reminders on my blog. I will look for the opportunity ... but a lot of it is having enough training to say "Hey! THAT is an opportunity!" LOL! :D I'll persist!

Faerie Mom said...

sigh.... I live in Mississippi. We got 1 inch of snow this year. For the whole winter. I want it to snow. You can send me some of yours, k?