Friday, November 14, 2008

Manifesting My Intentions

me granting wishes sometime ago...

"I intend to overcome procrastination and become a focused, centered woman not afraid of possible failure and welcoming of success."

At least that's the plan with the help of the folks at Christine Kane's 2008 Great Big Dreams Retreats. She provided us with Six Simple Steps to Effortless Manifesting... to state our intentions clearly and let go.

I'm waiting for the mojo to kick in...

I'm back posting this Sunday night to reflect the 2PM Friday afternoon "I'm in!" time. I would have joined the intent circle promptly, but I was busy sleeping right at that moment in between having a nasty flu for three days, working, and sorority commitments. So in one way - I was out there getting it done, on the other hand... it's two days later.

Procrastination? Just saying.

Another part of the process is to recognize those things we are grateful for. In this time of preparation for Thanksgiving, that seems a marvelous plan so here goes...

  1. My husband who supports me in all things.
  2. My son who is my life and who makes me proud in all he does and in the man he has become.
  3. The rest of my family - I would not be who I am without all of them.
  4. The love of my sisters in Chi Omega.
  5. My wonderful friends and the laughter we share (even if we don't see each other nearly often enough)
  6. That I live in a country where hope and promise are realities. Dreams can come true and opportunity is there for those who reach for the brass ring. (we'll keep working on the equal rights for everyone thing and the personal freedoms thing - but we're still pretty swell!)
  7. A job which gives me both personal satisfaction and the means to explore my outside interests.
  8. My intellect and ability to communicate with others through words and through art.
  9. My physical health and ability to move easily, walk, even dance if the spirit moves me.
  10. The beauty of our earth (even though it is snowing right now and I would prefer it not, it really is lovely to watch!)
  11. In the spirit of turning it up to eleven, as a bonus point I will also add that I am grateful for my faith, for it has sustained me through many challenging times. Windows do open when doors close. The trick is to listen to the Goddess when she tells you to just turn the knob again or to turn around and look for the window when it is behind you. Blessed Be.

What are you grateful for? Any intentions you'd like to state?

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