Monday, November 3, 2008

What Do You Mean It's November?!

How did that happen!

We've done fallen back already! Let's just say that after Alice came to play for the big bash he invited us out on tour with the band and I got a bit distracted. Yes. Sure. That's what happened! Sounds way better than the boring truth about being a grown-up and life and work and chores!

I did actually go off on an adventure which I will share with you soon. And it did involve hanging with a famous person and a cool person!

Meanwhile, enjoy a few shots I took celebrating the changing seasons here in South Euclid. Remember the park all covered with snow? The new banner up top is her all dressed up in fall splendor.

And some here we have some beautiful, golden leaves.

And my buddies were back to enjoy the neighbor's apples instead of my tulips!

I had fun taking those shots in the park the other day after work. I spend a lot of time driving through it but seldom actually get out of the car. Know what I mean? And I didn't even care that there was mud on my pumps when I was done. The subject matter and composition isn't exactly original, but I loved getting out and just shooting.

I had planned a delightful Haunted Cleveland Tour for us during Posting Spooky Month... but alas it was not to be. Maybe next year! I missed out on trying the awesome "lomo-izing" site all the cool kids were using on my haunted pictures, so I decided to try altering these snaps instead. Even if you don't have a Lomo camera, you can fake the fun, saturated, slightly blurry look they produce by using the web software. I do believe I'll be back for more!

I like them... what do you think!? Not so much spooky as weathered. Kind of like the earth right now. Ready for a rest.

Sigh... I guess I must finally admit that Summer is over now.

Happy Fall Everyone!

And anyone who tells me how many shopping days until Christmas will be punished. Seriously.

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Laume said...

The photos look great. And finally getting around to saying - thanks so much for Posting Spooky with me. It was so much fun, and extra special fun with folks playing along, so I plan to do it again next year. So that gives you a whole year to come up with some fun posts just for next October.