Monday, December 22, 2008

Magical Windows

I do enjoy a good television program. Make it a holiday program or a craft program (or a really bad SciFi movie, but I digress...) and I am totally there! Watched the 2007 version of this one last year and was totally smitten. The windows of Macy's (New York and Chicago), Neiman Marcus (Dallas), Saks (New York), Lord and Taylor's (New York), Hudson's Bay (Toronto), and the Denver's Museum of Outdoor Art are featured from concept to completion in HGTV Holiday Windows 2008 program. (Click on the link to see the original source for the pictures and some text here.) Can I just say that Home and Garden Channel rocks?

According to the folks at Macy's, they invented the holiday window back in 1862. I'll take their word for it - and I'm so glad they did! Holiday windows are, as one lady in the program said, "Fantasmagorical!" I thoroughly enjoyed the program... Many themes were shown from the modern to traditional and for children and adults alike. And the drama! Would they finish on time? Would the 94 year old hydraulic system at the Lord and Taylor store which raises the windows to street level need Christmas magic to make it work? And would dinosaurs, hippies, and snowflakes really work together for success? I came away with the wonder of Christmas firmly entrenched in my heart and with a need for many of the inventions envisioned by the artists in Denver: top of the list the teleporter and worry wringer!

One of the wonderful things about the windows is that many help to raise funds and support charities such as the St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It is helpful to keep others needs in mind during this season of excess.

For the Hudson's Bay Company windows, Ana Fernandes and Denis Frenette have dreamed up a fantasy forest, where holiday fairies guard special stones from an evil ice queen. In this window, Iridesca the Blue Fairy guards the Amethyst stones with the help of some friendly snails.

This window shows the Emerald Fairy, who lives in the deepest, darkest part of the forest.

Although the Hudson's Bay window fairies are spectacular, I think my favorite set is the one from Neiman Marcus. Store vice-president Ignaz Gorischek asked local kids to design their fantasy trees for the Neiman Marcus' windows this year. The winner Jordan McNair's design (top most photo) is featured as the Neiman Marcus' 2008 Fantasy Tree, which is made of globes and recycling items, giving it the moniker of "The Clean Tree." The entire tree is constantly transforming as it spins and changes colors. Another window (directly above) displays the Faith and Earth trees. The Faith tree, where children play on clouds, is created by a seven-year-old girl, who is undergoing treatment in the Children's hospital. Made of stones and crystals, the Earth tree is designed by a nine-year-old who loves adventures and the great outdoors. The tree below is designed by third grader Richard Forgarty, who was born with only one hand. His design is a tree called "Scottish Rite Rocks!" Made of crutches, wheelchairs, prosthetic hands and books, Forgarty's tree is an expression of his gratefulness for the gifts and care he receives at Scottish Rites Hospital.

Some day my dream is to go to New York City at Christmas time and see some of these gorgeous masterpieces. And of course go to Rockefeller Center to ice skate and see the giant tree. Maybe catch the Rockettes. Totally do the Big Apple - maybe even make mulled cider from it!

So I strongly suggest you check out the show. It plays again on December 24th and 25th. Check your local directory for times and set that DVR!

Come back and tell me which were your favorites!

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Laume said...

I saw the special about the holiday windows - or rather, I caught part of it. I really liked the trees designed by children ones. I didn't see those fairy ones.