Friday, December 19, 2008

Stopped by Ralphie's Today

So, I stopped by Ralphie's house today. You know... Ralphie? Ralphie Parker? The kid with the leg lamp in his front window? That's a major award you know!

So many exciting things here in Cleveland... The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, LeBron and the Cavaliers, and the "A Christmas Story House"!

If you're unfamiliar with the movie - then I'm really excited because I must have readers from outside the USA!

Seriously though, thought I'd kick off the festive holiday season by sharing a few snaps from the neighborhood near where I work. Just a few streets over from the Plant, on my way to Chipotle and Target, is 11th Street. The real, live, actual house where many scenes from the movie were shot is right there! It's been voted Cleveland's Best Museum by the locals more than once. If you're able during the proper hours, you can go right in and see many of the props and other memorabilia.

The house is owned by a former Navy man, Brian Jones. He was a big fan of the movie and started out by selling the famous leg lamps. His wife sent him a link to the eBay auction for the house and without telling her - he bought it! Oh my. I'm sure that went over great at first!

It is a terrific stop any time of year - but especially during the Christmas Season.

Ironically, as I moved on toward more photo opportunities (stay tuned!) I drove past the Higbee's building downtown which is also featured in the movie! It's no longer operated as a department store, but still a Cleveland landmark.

Hope you enjoyed this visit and are having a wonderful holiday season so far. Have lots of fun and frivolity, be sure to drink your Ovaltine - but, remember to be sure to be careful!

or else...

wait for it

"You'll poke your eye out!"

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