Monday, June 22, 2009

Surrendering To Creative Cycles

Time for Secret Four of the Twelve Secrets of Highly Creative Women. Visit the rest of the Book Club Gang through this link!

I picked a nice quiet moth image for this post - thought it fit the idea of cycles nicely what with the whole caterpillar, cocoon, emergence thing!

Here are the keys to Surrendering To Creative Cycles...

I must admit though, I really didn't get into this chapter much.

Learning Patience: I liked the image of fallow soil presented here. I feel that I am very patient in most things.

Surviving the Void:

Navigating in the Darkness:

Watching for Clues:

Trusting in Creative Reemergence:

And that is all the further I got with this post that I started on January 31st at 3:57 PM. Apparently I was EXPERIENCING a creative cycle DOWNTURN.

Or I decided that the book had already served its purpose for me (see the post on risk... more to follow!)

Or I finally decided that the book might be boring me. Not sure as I have not finished it yet.

All in all though, I'm really glad I picked it up and do plan to return to it when the time is ripe again.

And that is how that story ends!

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