Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances

A flash back for you to March 20, 2009: The Boy's Senior Thesis Exhibit.

Come along and check it out...

here we are on the campus of Columbus College of Art and Design in the Canzani Center

the name of the exhibit: Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances

the scene inside the gallery

our first piece: "Boccioni On My Bike"

a study of motion and the world viewed through it

some views of the detail...

The Boy poses with his proud grandparents, Bill and Gloria Carpenter

on to the next piece: "Ketchup and Mustard"

(not actually painted with ketchup and mustard - just saying)

now comes "Roundabout"

it doesn't move - but you do!

my favorite "In Her Blue Chair Rocking"

go ahead, give it a push... it rocks

check out the detail

Aunt Diana, Aunt Debbie, Breanna, and Morgan are checking things out - where did Uncle Chris go?

a piece which needs you: "Human Operation"

go ahead and turn the crank - see yourself in the mirror? the piece isn't complete without you

Marshall is checking things out

another movement study: "Moderate"

swing the pendulum

how many Ians can you count in this photo?

a portrait of the artist by Marshall

CCAD pebbles made my me to decorate the appetizer table

I suspect the pieces are available for purchase - contact his proud mother for more information!

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Anita Kurtz said...

Seriously - Very Cool!!!!