Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Banned Books Week - no Firemen allowed

Did you know we were in the middle of Banned Books Week? It runs September 26th through October 3rd this year.

Read a bit more about it here on the American Library Association Web Site.

I shudder whenever I think about folks who have the ability to read who are kept from greater knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world by those who are too afraid of truth.

Let's not even get into all of those people, particularly women, who are banned from even learning to read. I've heard so many quotes and statistics lately dealing with the quality of life improvement for women and their children by simply teaching mothers to read.

Words do have power.

We must protect our freedoms, even if it means that occasionally content we do not agree with might be available.

These are dangerous times...

Celebrate your freedom to access the written word - Read a book this week! Maybe Fahrenheit 451? Or go crazy - Be brave - read one that is banned somewhere in the world!

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Faerie Mom said...

I hate the fact that any books are banned anywhere int he world! I will be reading Fahrenheit 451 this week. I just finished reading the entire HP series and stranger in a Strange Land... all of which have either been challenged or used to be banned at one time!