Sunday, September 13, 2009

My cup runneth empty

The Boy is fond of telling me lately that girls are the devil.

He is very bright - but confused. It is not girls that are the devil: coffee is the devil.

Now do not get me wrong here... I have spent many a morning worshiping at the altar of the percolator. Okay, afternoons and evenings too.

Straight up black no sugar that is the way I take it. But I will not turn my nose up at a nice latte or cappuccino or espresso or fancy flavored iced coffee or you know, anything with copious amounts of caffeine.

But I recently decided that I must give it up. If I get too much - it's not cool. Too little? Very not cool.

I did a fast last spring and actually became physically ill from lack of caffeine. Coupled with the migraines I went through you would think I'd have stayed off the junk.

But no.

I put that monkey right up there on my back again. Tight grip too, I'll tell you. Apparently, I am not capable of being a social caffeine indulger. It's like heroin for me - just a little taste and it's over with.

So I gave it up. One more time.

No coffee, no diet coke, no ice tea, not even Excedrin.

Not even the fake unleaded kind.

I've been clean for about three weeks. Is there a chip for that? For that matter is there an entire 12 step program?

Let me know.

I can still go to Starbucks for the Indulgent Chocolate Cookies right? And Lemon Loaf?

And maybe a decaf latte.

Someone better call my sponsor, just in case.

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