Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Canada, Eh!

We've just returned from another year of Canadian fishing wonderfulness. This year we visited Woodland Echoes Cottage Resort in Magnetawan, Ontario. As usual, we picked a week where "they weren't biting much" but since we just put 'em right back in again, I guess it's all the same in the end.

I've come a long way since the first year John took The Boy and I into the wilds of Quebec. That time we had a propane stove and refrigerator, a wood stove for heat, and there were no electrical outlets, but we did have light from the generator from dusk to midnight - special! And it was only about three hours to the nearest store that sold canned food and beverages - neat! Did I mentioned it rained every day that week? And yet I signed up for a second vacation filled with the same amenities the next year. During that second year I added amateur exterminator to my list of many skills...

Like I say - I've come a long way!

This place was a resort with many activities. Not only did we have power, we had satellite television (my new favorite show is Trailer Park Boys - don't judge!), a jacuzzi tub, fireplace, microwave, and wireless Internet. Yup. Welcome to the new millennium!

Enjoy this random photo montage prepared especially for my friends here in Bloglandia! Um, you may want to get a frosty beverage while they load!

big (enough) sky country!

tether-ball anyone?

lovely gardens all about the grounds

ah... sunset!

morning herbal tea on my Adirondack chair

meet my new guy for mani-pedies

I think the black queen is looking at me...

just dipping in my toes


can't get enough of these awesome skies

morning comes to the dock

steam boat tours

one of my loonie friends

an end to another gorgeous day

our neighbors the ducks

you should know by now that I can't resist a flower

hello Mr Bee!

Freddie Froggy

(don't ask John how many shots I took to get this one...)


more flora

Mr Blue Jay

seriously, I sat for about 30 minutes waiting to get this shot of the hummingbird, wondering if it would even come back! it is awful - but I'm claiming it anyway! he's right there in the upper left in front of the flower... really.

this more sensible model posed much better

brightly colored sails

and another brilliant sky!

Next up: the vacation within the vacation! Stay tuned!

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Faerie Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful! Looks like a wonderful vacation...