Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

DATELINE 06.05.08

We have just become aware of an interesting story here in our community. A local blogger who has not posted in two months, now claims that this was all part of an April Fool's Joke gone awry.

"I'm a big fan of the joke concept. I just love the stuff NPR does every year! Taco Bell having corporate sponsorship of the Liberty Bell or the Starbucks Pipeline from Seattle across the US for product consistency... all brought to you by the Soilent Company "Producing nutritious products for all, remember Soilent Green is People" - What a hoot!" said Connie Carpenter Macko.

"I had planned to skip a day and then tell folks that I was abducted by aliens - it should have been hilarious. But then it actually happened! The mothership must have read my thoughts - I wasn't wearing my foil helmet you know - they just sent down that tractor beam and it sucked me right up!" She told this reporter.

Generally recognized as a stable hard working member of the community, a clever yet thoughtful girl, no one would have expected such a crazy story from Mrs. Carpenter Macko.

"I know it sounds wacky - but I've been 'gone' you know? Apparently the android clone they prepared to replace me was unaware of my recent dedication to posting. Their intelligence was from last fall when I wasn't so committed."

The community at large isn't buying the story.

"I think she was probably just busy or distracted and the blog got lost in the shuffle," surmised Suzie Sweetness.

"If I were one to talk about folks, I'd say it was more likely that she was just lazy! But luckily, I don't like to spread rumors about folks so I'd never admit that out loud," offered Molly Malcontent.

According to her cousin Larry Looney, "It happened to me once - I believe her completely. She should stop down to our Support Group Meetings, we wouldn't dare call her Wacko Macko like I've heard some folks saying"

This reporter is just not sure what to think!

"I plan to make amends," stated Connie. "The android did do many fun, memorable things while I was 'away' and was it thoughtful enough to take some photo snaps and mind melt the memories for me."

Look for more April and May posts from our errant blogger coming soon. As well as your regularly scheduled June fare as well.

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Anita Kurtz said...

Hey - at least the android had good taste in contraband purchased during the *black* months. Now that you're back you'll be well prepared to pull together all those things in your head and creat em, lol :-)