Monday, April 7, 2008

First Flowers of Spring

What? You expected to see flowers? I expected flowers too when I came home from work today. When I left in the morning, I noticed that my husband's tulips had finally popped.

One of my favorite things about Spring is watching everything come alive, green up, and bloom. All day I planned to grab the camera the minute I walked in the door and rush back outside to take some snaps.

Imagine my surprise when all the flowers were gone when I pulled in the drive. Careful examination uncovered the telltale signs of nibbling and incriminating hoof prints in the soil.

I understand - they've got to eat too and they looked darn tasty to me.

A bit later on I heard a shout from the kitchen, "They're back!"

I'm pretty sure they came to apologize.

Don't worry guys - it's all good. Happy Spring to you too.

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