Monday, April 21, 2008

Marvelous Milwaukee

What a weekend!

Spent a wonderful few days with my pal Edwina in Milwuakee. After a wee bit of trouble with the airplane (a real big thank you to the FAA for getting my flight cancelled!) and a stimulating full pat down and bag search by security (never "buy" a ticket last minute - you are sooo targeted) I finally arrived late Friday evening.

First let me say that any time spent with Edwina is well worth the trip! But we are not good influences on each other! Don't worry - no police were involved...

The Stampin' Up! Training was at the Midwest Airlines Center. A great facility. We got to learn some great techniques and get some swell ideas for advancing our businesses. My swaps were well received and that is always a good thing! Now I have a ton of samples to give me some creative ideas. One thing I've noticed is that if I'm with Edwina, we will never be too far from a Starbucks! I find this very comforting - even though I virtually never go into one unless I'm with her. As no coffee was available inside the Convention Center (what was up with THAT?!) we quickly identified the nearest Buckies and made a run for caffeine! We rounded out the weekend with shopping. Lot's of shopping. Um... no pictures of this - too incriminating! Let's just say the suitcase was a bit heavier coming home than going over!

I do love flying Midwest Airlines - great service, fair prices, excellent safety record. But if the last flight out of Milwaukee to Cleveland on a Sunday evening is ever on time I will stand in wonder in awe. I am now very familiar with this lapse however, and plan for it. No worries!

Gave me a chance to do some serious reading of a new author I found in the Airport bookshop. "Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. If you like SciFi/Fantasy - a must read! Can't wait to get my hands on Book II of the series!

Hey Edwina! When's the next trip? Ready when you are!

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