Sunday, May 4, 2008

Live at the Agora

Spent an evening at The Cleveland Agora this weekend. What a tremendous amount of Rock & Roll history within those walls! (Okay, well technically this is it's second home - but still!) I encourage you to visit their website (where I borrowed this image in an attempt to entice you over there) and check it out! We've been to many a show there, this time it was to see Artful Dodger. Artful Dodger is a band that was rather underrated nationally in it's day (1970's), but has always been a Cleveland favorite. My favorite song hands down would be "Scream (For You)" - but I love them all! Saw them on New Year's Eve a few years back for the Agora 40th Anniversary Celebration. They put on one heck of a show.

Whenever we go out, we almost always include a night in a hotel near by. We do not under any circumstances drive after drinking... and we have been known to tip a few. We therefore feel it is our civic duty to support the local hotel and taxi industry. We do enjoy being thrifty however! Ever been to HotWire? You've got to try it! We got an excellent rate on a classic Cleveland establishment. Hyatt Regency at the Arcade. I know it can be scary to book a room without knowing where you will end up, but once you do it a few times, you begin to anticipate which location you are likely to get. The husband has it down to a science for us in downtown Cleveland (and I'm pretty good with guessing venues in Columbus!) Generally speaking we can get a room for about $50-$60 this way.... It doesn't get much more affordable for a downtown hotel room in any city!

I'm not sure what's on the official list of Cleveland Architecture Highlights, but this one ought to be there. The lower levels are shops and businesses, the upper have been converted to hotel rooms. After business hours, they also rent out the ground floor for dances and such - one time we were there during a prom - just beautiful! A wide shot from the lobby level. These guys guarded our room for us. They just don't put detail like this in new construction... The craftsmanship is amazing!

Visit the Arcade next time you're in town. Walking distance from tons of places including the House of Blues and Progressive Field.

...and I hope you enjoy your stay! Don't forget to call me!

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