Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Singing In The Rain

Spring is so great!

Since I was going to potentially be walking in the rain last weekend, I really did need to purchase a proper raincoat. (And clearly having the raincoat on hand prevented the clouds from opening up and coming down on us!) Found this one at Target. I love, love, love this coat! The color is so bright and cheery, the pattern is funky and retro - very hot, and I think the cut is flattering as well. My husband hates it. He has not yet refused to leave the house with me in it (yes that has happened before!) but you never know how the wind may blow! Granted, when I wore it with my Neapolitan ice cream colored twin set even I didn't care for the combo - but tell me what is not to like about this coat!

Never did find boots last weekend... but Target to the rescue again by way of Target.com I've wanted some fun boots to wear for snow as well as rain and fishing too! An online search brought me (bought me!?) these....

A quick trip to Joann to find some fleece for liners and I will be all set! (don't worry - I likely won't wear these with the coat above!)

I am a lucky girl!

1 comment:

Anita Kurtz said...

Dude - Seriously? LOVE the coat!!! I like the boots too...but they sort of defy your mamma's rule about always matching... LOL!