Friday, May 9, 2008

Too Sexy for Milan

So I made it to Columbus in time for the big Rock & Runway Show at CCAD. As part of Ian's scholarship, he participates in Community Service hours. This year, he modeled for one of the fashion design students in the Senior Show, Huevan Cox. This years theme: Rock and Roll Fashion. There are some very talented students! The show is looped in the Gallery... Got to admit the first thing that happened when he told me he was doing this was... I thought, "I've got to see this! Can you imagine the scrapbook page this will make!? So Right Said Fred!" I'm too sexy for your party - Too sexy for your party - No way I'm disco dancing I'm too sexy for your film (no really I made it look like that on purpose right? it's an art photo!) ...and I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah the catwalk! Love the use of the gold leaf - very Milan, New York and Japan!
Darn he's a good looking boy!
In addition to the Fashion Design Show, works from many other senior artists and designers are on display at THE SHOW: 129th STUDENT EXHIBITION. The Show is open through September 6th. Ian is only a junior and elected to have his piece outside the main display area. If you pop in be sure to check it out. To left, inside the main doors to the Canzani Center, in the lobby, on the wall. In case you are wondering, you're allowed to touch it. It's a kinetic art piece - made to move. The main marble piece is securly supported on a wheeled base (he says it won't fall off - really you should touch it) Just swing the pendulum... One little boy almost did. You could see the wheels turning in his head... I was afraid to touch it! You never touch stuff in a museum - they toss you! He was very excited about his use of symbols. He got a book of symbols for Christmas from Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda and really enjoyed the depth of meaning behind them. Trying to communicate with out words is really what art is about anyway - just another layer.

"What do you think of the symbols Mom?"
"Cool! They spell Ian!"
"Um... no they don't."
"Yes, they do!"

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