Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Along The Mighty Missisip!

Yes - I did make it back from St Louis! Here are a sampling of some of the scenes and sights from my trip. Enjoy!

We are made to feel very welcome...

What shall we see while we're here?

They painted the town cardinal and straw just for us!

Every detail well planned and perfectly brought together.

The archives have our original pin on display...

As well as the loving cup.

My University of Toledo, Xi Delta sisters all in our ceremonial white.

East Side, West Side: Cleveland Rocks Baby!

Chi Omega has contributed over 3.8 million dollars and donated over 238,000 hours to Make a Wish since 2001

Our walking tour begins. Our guide a Missouri student orginally hails from Ohio! Small world... Follow the pennant!

Checking out the sights...

We stop to pose for a quick snapshot... thanks random stranger!

Molly is a good sport!

The city is a mix of new and old ...

Detailed frescos,

Lovely architecture,


Remember Dred Scott? Got his own street now!

Local wildlife

Our trip to the arch is spoiled by a "dramatic pause"... a door won't open and we're unable to take our ride to the top.

So we shop! Sandy finds an owl - they're all about you know!

Then it's the return of the revelry parade...

...and I share the stage with sisters from California, Georgia, and Pennsylvania - what a blast!

Donations to the Owl Tree raised over $48,000 for the Chi Omega Foundation which supports our sisterhood in the areas of scholarship, leadership, communication, life choices, aid to sisters in crisis, and sustains our national headquarters and executive staff.

Checking out the nightlife, we had to meet for a quick Happy Owler with old friends.

We clean up pretty good!

Serenading the Governing Council...

So many lovely voices!

Next time I'm hitting the City Museum and the International Bowling Museum... But for today we're back to the Arch and up we go!

...and hit the top.

Some silly baseball stadium that's not the Indian's...There was a football field too, but it wasn't the Brown's or Packer's! How strange!

And the big city!

next to the mighty river,

um... we might be kinda high up!

Do you recognize these famous faces at the Museum of Western Expansion?

I'm a genuine Junior Ranger! Sworn in and everything!

Dipping my toe in the water... a bit high due to recent rains and flooding.

Everything I've learned and experienced this week has me walking tall as the Arch!

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Anita Kurtz said...

Looks like a fun group! Great pics :-)