Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Most Evil

Sure... He looks sweet and innocent, but we who know him, know better. One moment peaceful, thoughtful, even sleepy.

The next: Bloodthirsty. Imagining the sweet, faintly metallic taste of the blood from my jugular on his lips. But not today. Today is not the day he will enact his most evil plan. Perhaps tomorrow?

A profile of the subject: appears cool, detached, patient, calculating, capable of frenzy or bursts of rage and violence, abusive to his caregiver verbally as well as physically (likes to scream at as well as hit people), can turn on the charm for the unsuspecting, capable of assuming many persona - possible multiple personality, deviously plotted the removal of his step-sister from the home, is now slowly jealously plotting the removal of his step-mother (having recently attempted a failed coup of my side of the bed), enjoys luring folks to do his bidding then laughs at them (okay he can't laugh - that part I'm exaggerating).

The Husband wondered why I had not yet featured Geezer the Cat here at FTFH... I was afraid these guys might want to come and do a piece on him.

Or perhaps he is just a wonderful, simple kitten with no agenda and I'm the evil one. There is a strong precedent for evil step-mothers you know. Maybe we'll know the truth someday. I just hope there are no CSI necessary in the determination.

Don't get me wrong - he's still my favorite boy cat!


Latharia said...

The cat looks evil. Just pure evil. We've got some like that. They look all sweet ... but then they're not at all. :)

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Anita Kurtz said...



Evil Step-Mother....

Oxy moron or good adjectives???