Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Farmer Green Jeans

The husband is very proud of his small garden. And I am proud of him! We've expanded to two enclosures this year. With our varied visitors and weather events, I'm sure you understand the need for the 24/7 protection!

We do love our peppers on the grill... When this one grows up it's gonna be tasty!

...and Mom goes for the tomatoes. We'll call ya if we've got extra later in the season! (If you look closely, you can see the nifty watering system the Husband built to drip irrigate them...)

Next year we should add strawberries, and zucchini, and pumpkins, and....


Patti said...

That green pepper looks yummy...and yes, put me on the list for little orphaned tomatoes if there is an overly bountiful crop! Miss you, my wonderfully talented friend (writing, photography, beading, stamping???)

Anita Kurtz said...

Don't forget the green onions ;-)