Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Favorites

In honor of our Nation's Birthday, I propose a celebration of Summer! We are so blessed in the United States of America to have our freedoms and the ability to enjoy so many simple pleasures without fear. I'd go into detail as to why we should stop giving so many of those freedoms away - but I digress and that is a post for another day!

Here are my top ten Summer Favorites:

10. Indian's Baseball (um...still plenty of time to pull it out this season boys!?)

9. Memories of Summer vacations with Mom, Dad, Diana and Deb in the back of the Chevy Impala seeing the "world". Good times. Even if I did have to sit in the middle and never next to the window because I was the littlest. And the Drive In Movies in 'Old Blue' too when dad would put the plywood in the backseat to make a bigger bench.

8. The sound of the ice cream truck. Don't even necessarily need the ice cream - just the tinkling of the music!

7. Cooking out on the charcoal grill. Roasting marshmallows as the climax. And camping out all night under the stars.

6. Myriad festivals and fairs to be explored.

5. Running through the sprinkler. Repeatedly. Laughing.

4. Cool cotton dresses... like wearing nothing at all.

3. Chasing lightening bugs. (I implore forgiveness from all those poor bugs I desecrated - pulling off their glow to make rings when I was 7. I'm truly sorry.)

2. That feeling you get when it is sooooo warm, and you're in the shade with a glass of sweet ice tea, and the breeze hits you - not cool, just the feeling of summer on your skin. This one is tied with the feeling you get after you've been playing outside all day long, and mom makes you take your bath, and your hair is up but kind of damp from the bath, and you put your summer jammies on, and you're on the back porch, and the evening breeze comes in at twilight...sigh....

and the number one pleasure of summer?

1. You get to go barefoot and no one accuses you of being a hillbilly.

Happy Fourth of July!


Patti said...

This sure brings back memories....many of which I share with you, only ours was a green Pontiac station wagon! Love your musings, Connie!

BTW, some of those word verification thingies are hard to read for these old eyes ;)

Latharia said...

Great summertime memories! And I hope you get the lightning bugs' forgiveness!