Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kazuri: Small and Beautiful

Spent another awesome evening last night at Embellish in Rocky River. (Don't faint that I have actually made a timely post - but I'm as shocked as you dear reader!)

Now that I am beginning to have the hang of this jewelry making thing, I decided to join in on all the fun that happens the first Wednesday of each month at Club Embellish. These ladies (and I only say ladies because that's who was there - I'm sure they would let the boys play too!) are very talented! Lot's of cool projects were shared.

My secondary reason for going was to see the Trunk Show for Kazuri Beads that Laura had brought in for us. A very cool fair trade project and luscious, gorgeous, sumptuous beads! Here is the fact sheet that they provided us to tell the story...

I'm all about beading and women helping women so I jumped in with both feet!

I've been inspired by some of the color study items I've seen in Stringing Magazine lately, so I put this bracelet together. The Kazuri beads are strung along with 4mm sterling silver beads as separators. I think I really like the way it came out.

Here is a necklace I made from one of the clay focal beads and three strands of Zulugrass™ beads, which were also available at the trunk show. Zulugrass is another natural, handmade item created by the people of the Maasai in Kenya.

Matching earrings as well, and you can really see the texture of the Zulugrass in this shot. I think the color of the Zulugrass is called Lady Sunbird.

If you are in the Cleveland Area, you should definitely hop in the car and check out the items available for the next few days during this special event. I believe Laura mentioned she may be adding some of the beads to the inventory of the store on a regular basis, but there is no guarantee you'll be able to get them later!

You can also check out the Small and Beautiful Beads website for more information and background on Kazuri Beads. Tamie Simpson was great to work with and provided lots of support with making bead selections and with project ideas! The website is nice - but you've got to see and feel these beads to truly appreciate them.

Three projects completed in one night? Actually four if you count another necklace I finished and will share later... A new record in productivity! I deem Club Night a success!

Happy beading!

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Anita Kurtz said...

Very cool! Love the colors :) Glad to see you've found something creative that you're enjoying so much!!! (But I still want you to come to the card swap ;D)