Thursday, October 9, 2008

Creepy Crawlers!

And without further delay...

The post you've been waiting for...

Squiggly, squirchy...bugs!

You can tell it's Mattel®! It's swell!

Want one of your very own? Email me your address and I'll make one special just for you with the husbands 1960's era original Thingmaker® oven and molds!

Spooky fun for everyone!


Kirsty said...

Hi! I'm Kirsty from Moonsinging! You have a Creepy Crawler maker...oooooohhhhh! So lucky! I LOVED my when I had one (back in the day, ha ha). I used to creep my little sister out with ooky and wonderful! Thanks for the blast from the past!
Been enjoying your Post Spooky Blog posts!

Laume said...

I didn't have one, but my sisters did and we all played with it. I think we even had one for my kids - I don't know if it was an old one or if they still made them then. They were a lot of fun. I can smell that burnt plastic scent just thinking about it! And remember Shrinky Dinks too?

I love how the sister and mom were scared but the dad (being a male) was just supposed to be annoyed. Stereotyping at it's best.