Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Green Ghost!

Not sure why this popped into my head today... but who remembers playing Green Ghost? Like the instructions say, it's terror-ific fun! The first glow in the dark game produced in the 1960's by Transogram.

Select your game piece: bat, cat, rat or vulture. Move about Spookyville searching for twelve little ghosts...Olive, Emerald, Lime, Chartreuse, Jade, Bottle, Nile, Mist, Ever, Forest, Bilious (call him Bill), and Kelly. Kelly is the son of Green Ghost and the winner will be the one who finds him! There are crypts and keys, shipwrecks and gnarled trees... watch out for the snakes and bones and bat feathers too! (I'm sure the whole bat feathers thing confused some of the children but not a scientific genius like myself!)

I loved playing this, probably because I got to play it with my sisters since it was Deb's game. You got to play it in the dark. Plus, you didn't need a significant amount of skill or strategy because in the end Green Ghost picked the winner. (Um, for the record I hate Monopoly!) And since the youngest got to first... well even better!

Thanks for sharing today's spooky blast from the past! Any spooky fun from your childhood you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

Hey!it's still in my basement! Want to play?? Deb

Walker Lady said...

I remember! I might even have this one sitting in a big box of old games that we haven't unpacked yet. We have an original Twister game, original Mr Potato Head, and Cooties. Mom saved all of those older games for the grandkids. Smart mom!!!