Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's A Party! With Alice!

Welcome to the party here at Finer Than Frog Hair! When my close personal friend Alice Cooper heard that there was going to be a party, he offered to play for us!

(Okay we aren't THAT close but I did meet him at the Fairfield Inn across from the New World Amphitheater in Chicago a few years back. He and his son were buying Cheetos and they got stuck in the snack machine. Nice fellow!)

Anyway... I've been meaning to share my snaps from last month when we saw him at the Lakewood Auditorium. Thought I'd wait to do it during Post Spooky month and the party seemed like the perfect opportunity! I've also mixed in a few from the Brutal Planet Tour back in the 90's. Thank goodness for YouTube - they've helped me make it LIVE!

Be sure and poke around the rest of October! I'm Postin' Spooky along with Laume!

Enjoy! The stage is set... are you ready?

He's Here!

Wow... He has such stage presence!

Perpetually Eighteen

Time for a song! Welcome to my Nightmare...

It's best they try to keep in under control... Ha! That's his nurse, Rosetta. She's got a wicked bedside manner.

And now a ballad...

We've seen him guillotined...

Hung and Electrocuted... but he still keeps coming back! A Teenage Frankenstein!

Another song perhaps? Billion Dollar Babies?

I got my very own bill! See the puncture from the saber? (That was at yet another Alice show... sent the son into the crowd to procure it for me. He's a good boy!) Elected! I'd vote for Alice....If he was on a ticket. A Troubled Man for Troubled Times!

Watch him skewer the giant balloons with his saber! (I have my very own balloon remnant still filled with confetti too....Acquired that one all on my own!)

Hope you've enjoyed yourself! That's all the Alice for today... As I still need a cane, and some beads - there will be more shows!

Okay! Now back to the party! If you didn't know about it... you're invited too! Our marvelous hostess is Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist. Have fun!


Lola Enchanted said...

Wow, never thought I'd party with Alice!!!!!

Have a happy halloween!

Valerie said...

Wow, Alice does make a great real life Halloween Soiree character!

Thanks for all this great stuff on him - a fun stop on our partygoing trip through blogland.

KayEllen said...

oh my scary Alice looks the same!!!
I just had a 30 year high school flash back!!lol

Happy day at the tea party:)
Stop by for a pumpkin muffin!


Laume said...

Alice Cooper fan, eh? I'd never have guessed it - you look so sweet and innocent in your blog intro photo. Maybe it's a bit misleading???? LOL.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Hahaha!! Alice, POISON RUNNING through my veins!! hee heee ;) So fun!! he lives 2 hours from me!! Cackle cackle!! Fab photos!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I saw Alice in concert in the 80s and I still call it the best concert I ever saw!! Thanks for reminding me of my first true rock star love!!

Witchy Blessings,

Sandra Evertson said...

I LOVE it!
Happy Halloween!

Daydreamer :) said...

What a party ;)

Happy nightmares,
Daydreamer :)

Creating Myself said...

I really, really enjoyed the Welcome to my Nightmare video. I haven't partied w/ Alice in years! ;o) Thanks for taking me back to another time, another place!


Patricia said...

Wow, this is so neat. I was happy to stop by your place and hope you have a wonderful Halloween !!!

Anja said...

Wow, some scary party!

Thank you for visiting my blog.