Sunday, July 5, 2009

February Escape!

Okay - the jury is in: Shutterfly's slide show program and I do not get along. Gave up messing with it. I have dumped the broken links... If you are an expert, clue me in on the secret!

I told you I was distracted this Spring doing lots of interesting things. Here's a flashback for you to one of the things which kept me away from blogging.

A visit to the Craft Farm! (Most of these snaps are Patti's... she had the sensibility to actually take pictures unlike me who was mostly confused!) This place was awesome - and highly recommended. Space to scrap, meals included, comfortable beds, space to scrap, a hot tub, good times, and did I mention space to scrap?!

Click here to view the rest of "Craft Farm"

We had an awesome time - in addition to non-stop fun and scrapbooking, we also visited a local spa for massages and pedicures. Heaven! How long until we go again? I'm ready!

Here is the first of the projects I worked on that weekend... A blast from the past: Chi Omega's at The University of Toledo! This is one of the projects Edwina and I started at Scrapfest last Fall. See that post for all the details on supplies!

Click here to view the rest of "Chi O Girls"

Another project from Scrapfest, Chi Omega's on Spring Break in 1986 - yikes!

Click here to view the rest of "Marco Island 1986"

Last but not least of the projects is the completed Hambly acrylic mini-book. Still one of my favorites, even more so because now it contains some of Ian's sculptures! Each page is shown twice to allow you to see the cool effect of the acrylic pages, but also allow you to focus on the detail of each page.

Click here to view the rest of "Hambly Mini-Book"

I also cut out about 1000 owl pieces for a future project... I'll share when it's complete!

My first attempt at Shutterfly slideshows - kind of irritating to figure out - but IF they work - pretty cool! (If your google reader saved the first "attempt" - oops!)


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