Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vairy Exciting

I am a vairy lucky girl!

Look what I bought myself last week:

Yes! It is a 1963 Corvair Monza Convertible and her name is ROXY!

She is fully restored and ready to roll. Fiona (her sister the PTCruiser) is a wee bit jealous, but she'll be okay.

She is quite the dish - look at her lovely interior!

A few details... like the delightful AM/FM converter? Spiffy!

And where is the gear shifter you say? Right there in the middle - see the little knob? Just to the right and down from the ignition? Just RNDL... no park!

This is all The Husband's fault... if we hadn't taken the Cougar to a car show recently I never would have seen her. Once I did - it was all over - the obsession began and she had to join the family.

For the other car enthusiasts out there - she's air cooled and her aluminum flat six rear engine will indeed take me up over 65 mph (not that I've tried - that would be illegal in my state). The Corvair also boasts Chevrolet's first mass produced unibody construction and fully independent suspension design.

Here is what Chevrolet had to say about Corvairs when they introduced them back in 1960.... (Just forget every thing Ralph Nader said - he was just a bit confused about things and they debunked his "unsafe at any speed" theory long ago when the US Government's National Highway Safety Administration actually certified it safe - the only car ever to receive that honor...). Of course there were a few modifications by '63, the convertible top for one, but you get the idea and seriously, who can resist a vintage video!

No seat belts though. All you people who didn't believe me when I said seat belts used to be an option? I now own a car without them - so there! The Husband is insisting that change. We'll see.

Can you say "Mid-life Crisis?"

I'm vairy excited!

Happy trails!


Faerie Mom said...

Wow! Love the car. Midlife crisis? Pffftttt! Just love of a great car!

Rapunzel said...

She is beautiful!!! I bought my own red convertible (Bettie) shortly after my divorce, call it a midlife "crisis" I call it a "calling!" Calling for more fun, especially and that is just what I've been having since I took my own top down, as it were. ;)

Enjoy Roxy, I know you will!