Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloweenie Happeneenie

Wrapped up the month of October with a visit to Larry's Tavern to listen to Custard Pie and join the masquerade madness...

Lots of Festive Halloween Happenings here!

Some clever costumes: Garden Gnome (wearing a shirt that said, "I kicked the lawn jockey's ass") and of course his companion said beat ass Lawn Jockey, Three Blind Mice, an Egyptian pharaoh and his queen, a bat, a geisha, Pocahontas, a zombie (that was The Boy), Janis Joplin (that was me), a Black Sabbath fan (The Husband), a bee in a tu-tu, a witch, and a few more I'm a little fuzzy on!

A good evening over all. Good music, good times - "swear to God..."

Last year I "posted spooky" all month along with Laume over at Beach Treasure. She was all about the spooky again, but this year, I devoted myself to the Scrapfest Recap posts. Which if you think about it, considering I had a post for each day of the month - that is pretty spooky all in itself! Anyway - if you didn't get enough Hallowe'en yet - pop over to her place and see what she and the other spooky posters have been up to.

I will leave you with one spooky thing...

My car turned to all sixes this month.

The Husband's van did too.


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Latharia said...

Sounds like a fabulous gathering ... but that all 6's odometer reading it too spooky!