Monday, October 19, 2009

Scrapfest 2009: Moxxie

The Moxxie products are new to me - but they have some fun paper lines. They demo's a project featuring a folded paper technique. You could make a variety of things with these swell flowers. Each petal is one circle... Not sure I can adequately describe the fold but I'll try: Using the double sided paper of your choice (Moxxie's Flower Frenzy is used here), fold circle in half; fold each "side" inward one at a time creating a point not unlike a paper airplane; fold this piece back to expose the other side...; line up eight of these around a ninth circle and secure. Savvy?

They also displayed some lovely projects - including the CD mini-book class they taught. Didn't get any good pictures to share though... so here is this one from the Scrapfest Workshop site. Cool idea to use CD's as the base... affix the ribbon, cover with circles cut to size to serve as a background, then embellish! There was a very spiffy calender too - you can see it there in the foreground.

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