Friday, October 30, 2009

Scrapfest 2009: My Little Yellow Bicycle

Little Yellow Bicycle is another favorite of mine (I haven't said that for EVERY vendor have I? I do have a lot of favorites, I know!)

Their booth had some fun items displayed. I do not really have a photo of the make and take because I kind of did just the "take" part! We we're running out of time, and it is really hard to keep a finished 12" x 12" project intact while running through the mall cramming stuff in your bag! They did a different spread each day and gave enough supplies so that you had plenty to work with when you were finished with what they suggested. The day we picked up was Halloween themed featuring their "Trick or Treat" line.

We did however attend their "25 Days of Christmas" memory book class. I love Christmas and Edwina loves Hallowe'en, so between the two of us this year we were both happy with our class choices!

We got a ton of stuff to work with - I haven't finished the project (this fall has been crazy busy as usual - all these posts in a row was more than I imagined I could do!) but even still - there will be mega left overs!

The book is really cute - it is a sturdy chip board album and it coordinates exactly with precut paper provided in tablet form... you punch out the pages and some extra embellishments and simply glue them down. The base is pre-designed and no trimming or sanding is necessary. Very cool.

As I mentioned - this one isn't done yet either. I want to spend some time picking the right photos from The Boy's childhood and mine. None the less, you can see the bones of the book and imagine how it will turn out!

...and lastly, the back cover.

And what could be in this bag? Was I the lucky winner of the door prize drawing?

Yes I was! Yea me!

Oh my golly! It's the ENTIRE TRICK OR TREAT LINE! Yup! Every single item! The whole enchilada! What an amazing prize... it includes another chipboard album similar to the one above and another pack of precut paper to adorn it not to mention all those embellishments. I cannot wait to put it all together! I plan to share some of this with Edwina - Halloween is her favorite after all... and she's a great travel buddy!

Thank you again Little Yellow Bicycle Folks!

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