Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scrapfest 2009: American Crafts

American Crafts' bright, bold designs are always a hit with me. Add the owls... well you know the deal with me and owls! This was such a fun card and showcased many of their products: specialty double sided papers, stamps (embossed image), rub ons, and flair!

We also took their "2009: A Year In Review" class. Loved the scrapbook - disappointed with the process! Of all the classes we took - all of which promised to provide us with enough supplies for a completed project - this is the only one I needed to purchase more items for when I arrived home. Normally, we take the 45 minutes allotted time during the class to listen carefully, check our supply kits, and maybe do a few things using tools provided that we may not have at home. I noticed right a way that the one pack of letters would not allow us to spell out each of the abbreviated months... I asked the instructor about it and she quickly handed Edwina and I each a second pack of letters. Edwina noticed that we did not have enough white "filler paper" on which to build the pages - not a huge deal for me, as it did not show I planned to use printer paper. We also needed to pick up a few more sheets of coordinating paper for the later month pages - and speaking of pages the book only came with 10 for a twelve month project! OOPS! Not sure who was to blame for this minor set-back and I still love the project... just feel bad for those who may not have had an Archivers - or any craft store for that matter - nearby once they tried to finish up.

That being said, here is the sweet book I will have finished by the end of the year!

close up:

The cover features their Corduroy Foil Paper in blue and "Doris Spooler" paper from their Craft Fair line. I love this line - too bad I couldn't find it at MOA or at my own store back home... We also used the rub ons which coordinate with Craft Fair paper as well as their "Thickers" letters and accents. The font is "By The Yard" (white) and the ric rack is called "Patchwork" (bubblegum). I would be remiss if I did not point out that this line also includes a paper called "Lucy HOOTski" - what do you think you'll find there?! Other paper names are "Ruth Buttonham," "Lola Threadgood," and "Alice Stichenson"! Very clever.

A journaling page with "Myrtle O'Seam" paper from Craft Fair and a few more rub-ons to get us started off... (Yes, I did notice I haven't written anything there yet... this is always hard for me! Plus I think that a summary at the end of the year would be best. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

And then each month will have a two pages spread following the same format: 8" x 8" pages with two vertical 4" x 6" prints and a space at the bottom to add an embellishment and the month.

Remember January 2009? Word of the year... Books to read during the long winter months... President Obama's inaugural... and ACDC!

I really like this idea - kind of a picture a week book! Those picture a day projects always sound so daunting...

Now to finish up the rest of the months!

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