Monday, February 25, 2008

From Here to There

I saw a post on Carmen's Blog which showed us among other things, the sites on her way to work. I thought that might be fun, so I'm giving it a try. I may begin to get a reputation for snapping while driving if I keep this up!

I start out by driving through one of the Cleveland Metro Parks on Euclid Creek Parkway. What a beautiful place! Lots of trees, deep ravines and rock structure, wildlife, and of course the creek itself.

Early on when I was dating my husband, we came here and he showed Ian how to carefully hunt for salamanders under the rocks (just to look at them, and not disturb them!) and we tried to skip stones.

Since it is a park, there are often walkers and joggers on the path. I am blessed that almost every day I get to see the person I call "the waving guy." As he runs, he waves at every vehicle that goes by. I always look forward to seeing him and wave back every time - I often wonder if others wave back as well. His simple gesture of kindness and friendship puts me in the right frame of mind to approach the next leg of my journey...

...into the abyss! Here we are on the triumph of civil engineering, the spacious Cleveland Memorial Shoreway. Four lanes of bumper to bumper, door to door, fun and games! Sometimes people wave here - it's just what finger they are waving!

After facing the gauntlet for a bit, I am fortunate once again to see something amazing. One of America's finest natural wonders: Lake Erie, one of our Great Lakes! It's a bit freezy here in this shot, but in the Summer it is glorious!

Then the "Big City" arises in my windsheild. I love living near the city. As much as I love being near the simplicity of the park and nature, the buildings and the triumphs of art, archetecture, science, and technology they represent astound me. I particularly love it on a crisp, clear night. Some day I will take some night shots so you can see it the way I do.

Then it's around famous Deadman's Curve (not the Jan and Dean one though...) and into the heart of downtown traffic.

Over the Interbelt Bridge and on your right is Jacob's Field (don't correct me - I meant to say that instead of Progressive Field. I guess I'm not that progressive!) home of our fine Cleveland Indians Baseball Team.

Off the expressway (do you say expressway, freeway, or highway where you live?!) and down a few decaying, but getting gentrified, side streets in the Tremont Area and we've arrived.

Darn- now I have to go in!

Hope you enjoyed the ride in!

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Carmen said...

I did!!!
very enjoyable and different from mine, you know, there is no snow or salamenders here, well to my knowledge about the salamanders, LOL
besitos, too!