Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another F Word

A new year brings a new word of power. This approach to life is advocated by two folks I enjoy reading: Christine Kane and Ali Edwards. I have no idea where the concept originated, so I will direct you to both of them. The each have their own way of looking at things, both of which are inspiring.

Last year my word was FIRE. I think selecting a word really did guide me in my thoughts and actions throughout the year. I lost 20 pounds, started a soul journal, took a class and began jewelry making, took on my advisory role with sorority, started a book club, traveled, and was nicer to myself.

The idea is that if you chose your word carefully, and reflect on it when making decisions and actions, that you will end up where you want to go. It was interesting how once I selected the word, images of fire kept coming to me in the most unlikely places. Seeing them was the key I suppose. Wonder what images this year will bring?

This year I've chosen yet another F-word: FOCUS.

Main Entry: focus
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: aim attention at
Synonyms: adjust, attract, bring out, center, centralize, concenter, concentrate, convene, converge, direct, fasten, fix, fixate, get detail, home in, home in on, hone in, join, key on, knuckle down, meet, move in, pinpoint, pour it on, put, rivet, sharpen, spotlight, sweat, zero in, zoom in
Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2008 by the Philip Lief Group.

Now that I've become more aware of myself, I really need to begin to FOCUS more on what I'm doing while I'm doing it. Why am I spending so much time on things that don't enrich me? To FOCUS on what my inner voice is telling me. And I still need to deal with some of those demons I'm trying to keep locked up in the closet of my mind.

I need to FOCUS on not being afraid to finish things I start. To let my light shine - because I am good enough (Yes Stuart, we do rock). Stretching my limits and my comfort zone.

A FOCUS on learning and growing more. Really dialing in on what I need help with. Actually asking for help. Going back to school.

Now that I am on the path to weight loss, I need to FOCUS on better health. Strengthening my body. Cleansing my body.

I need also to FOCUS on strengthening my spirit. The Boy tells me repeatedly that I need to meditate. Perhaps I need should be listening. Why the heck do I have so much stress anyway? Is it really self inflicted? Why on Earth do we chose to do that?

I will also FOCUS on relationships. I fell short in this area last year. We need connections in our lives and so many of mine have been stretched so far. I miss the friends that are far away, both in distance and in spirit. I think of them daily, but am too afraid to reach out. I'll FOCUS on conquering that fear.

Will you pick a word? Will it change you, help to shape you into what you dream of?

Maybe! So make it a good one!

Welcome to 2009


Diana said...

Focus is an excellent word choice! This is a good idea, you accomplished a lot last year.

trisha too said...

definitely a good choice.

i've been thinking along these same lines, but am still not sure where to go with this.

thank you for being the inspire of the day!

(and Happy New Year to you, too!)


3rdEyeMuse said...

definitely food for thought. thanks for sharing your word and all the whys behind it. :) wishing your great success!