Friday, January 2, 2009

I Forgot to Tell You...

Back to the Soul Journal Project!

Bet you thought I gave up on that one huh? Nope! Actually, pages have been in various states of completion since I left off last fall.

We are up to day 7 and day 8 of Caspiana's Guided Tour of Soul Journaling...

We were to start with the prompt "I forgot to tell you..." and then fill two pages with things we were feeling. We knew in advance that we would be covering the journaling with tape - so we were free to be completely honest. This was an opportunity to write down things we were too scared, sad, or angry to say out loud or allow anyone to read. Not all my thoughts were secret - some were simply reminders to myself of things that remain important.

Then the fun began as we covered it all up. Layers of tape of all kinds was employed. I used some clear cellophane tape in spots were I was brave enough to let the words show through. I also had access to some unusual tapes from the lab. I added a few nifty blue metallic band-aids as I thought they seemed an appropriate touch to help heal some of the more painful of my words.

After we covered it up, we sanded our tape, painted, and further embellished the pages. I've pointed out before that my mind is a fertile ground for mayhem and foolishness. I saw my red and green tape next to each other. Gucci popped into my head (I know what you're thinking. What is she? Some kind of 80's throwback preppie? Shhh!) A nice Gucci Bag. Because let's face it, this kind of journaling is absolutely about our baggage.

The fact that baggage can be spelled with the interlocking Gucci "G" is just a lucky bit of fun on my part. You really must laugh in the face of your foibles, no?

By the way - since I'm still playing, no reason why you couldn't start too! A new Year, a new creative outlet? I'm sure that Sarah won't mind! Matter of fact she's put up some teasers for a future project, so get ready to play along!

Something to think about!

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3rdEyeMuse said...

yep, I think you might have talked me into it. :)

... though I must finish the current project first as it has an actual deadline.

thanks for boost!