Friday, January 9, 2009

Riding the Rock N' Roll Train

Went to see AC/DC in Cleveland Monday night. Man do those guys put on a show! We bought a ticket for The Boy, so he was up from Columbus. Another classic American Family Outing! When they first announced the tour, their ticket sales set records for speed of sell out. (Not in Cleveland of course, as we are pathetic. Please don't take away the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!) Actually, they held the record until the other day when the Obama Presidential Inaugural tickets went on sale!

They treated us to many old favorites like Back In Black, The Jack, Whole Lotta Rosie, Dirty Deeds; and new ones too, Black Ice, Big Jack, Rock N' Roll Train. Too many to list! (see a similar set list here)

It's been too long! And, yes, we were Thunderstruck!


Brian growling...

Malcolm and the other boys providing the pounding rhythm...

Angus being Angus...

I realize there may be those who think that Angus might be a tad too old still to be wearing the school boy outfit - and then there are others who probably think that I'm too old to be watching him! May he continue to rise up from the pits of Hell on that Highway to make us insane with his rock and roll.

For Those About to Rock: We Salute You!

Don't wait so long to come back!

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