Saturday, June 28, 2008

Got a bead on it now...

So I've been busy with my beading tools! A few more projects under my belt. I entered them to the Show and Tell contest over at Embellish and actually won a $10.00 gift certificate for originality! Check them out! This is probably the one that started it all, at least in my head! I bought these cloisonne beads over a year ago... I had to have the owls, and then of course I needed the other shapes to go with them! Where would we be without the ability to purchase such things any time of the day or night? Thank you eBay! Bought some bulk bags with lots of colors, but I decided to go with the green for this project.

I saw these millefiori beads and of course had to have them too! What is a girl to do when faced with 40% off all beads and 30% off all findings? JoAnn may be worse for an addiction than the corner bar let me tell you...

Soon I will find a project worthy of these nifty vintage beads - another eBay find... It's not wrong to pillage these poor earrings to make something new is it?

Such possibility!

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