Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holy Hail Balls Batman!

Ah yes...

A sure sign that Summer has arrived in the Midwest! With the anvil shaped cumulo-nimbus cloud often comes thunder, lighting, and our (not so much) friend: hail!

No tornadoes today thankfully... If my sister Deb was here, I do believe we would have scooped them up, added some flavor, and turned them into a tasty frozen treat. Instead we went to DQ in between downpours.

Hope the weather is safe where you are!


Sandy said...

OMGoodness! That is some pretty big hail. We had some about that size on Mother's Day with 11 tornadoes in the Macon area. That kind of weather scares me.
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Sandy :)
PS Love the new look of your blog (I haven't been able to stop by lately so not sure how new it is??)

Latharia said...

Great picture ... and a trip to DQ sounds delightful, too! :D Ah, don't ya love living in the midwest? :D I do!

Tammy Hershberger said...

OK, you're still blogging so I know you're still alive! Getting a little worried about the quiet from your side of NE Ohio! Hope you're OK!

Anonymous said...

Morgan says sweet picture! She wants your camera, no hail balls big enough for treat making here in Central Ohio. Though we did have funnel cake at the Hilliard fire works last night! Deb