Monday, June 30, 2008

to the Moon

Consummate Tourist that I am... I forced, I mean suggested to the Husband that we stop to take a few snaps of the Neil Armstrong First Flight Tribute in Warren, Ohio. It was on the way home from the Rib Burn Off. The World's Largest Ball of Twine it is not - but it was next to a McDonald's and we'd not yet had breakfast so... While the Husband munched on his Sausage McMuffin and Hash Brown, I took a quick visit to the surface of the moon. Actual life-like moon boot prints folks! A totally sweet small scale lunar module! Awesome! But the numerous signs indicated I should not climb aboard. Still, a very cool stop for the moon shot aficionado if you're in town! (The website they had posted sadly is a dead link. Just in case it wakes back up - here you go! www. firstflightlm .com)

A nice shout out for a local boy done good.

I wanted to stop at the Cannibis Society storefront as well... but the Husband drew the line. No fun at all I tell ya!

So where have you been traveling? Seen any good sites?

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